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Lactobacillus is added to the mixture of the Eastern/Western herbs such as aloe Arborescens, senna stem and sorrel. To support healthy everyday life.

【Content】800 tablets
(Adequate intake/day: 20 tablets)

Aloe Arborescens Powder, Sorrel powder, Job’s tears powder, Senna obtusifolia seed powder, Aloe arborescens extract, Sorrel extract, Houttuynia powder, Senna stems powder, Sasa veitchii powder, Spore-bearing lactobacillus, Licorice powder,/ Starch, Cellulose, Glycerol fatty acid ester, Sucrose fatty acid ester, Perfume
※An allergen, milk is contained.

【Supplement Facts/tablet】
Job’s Tears Powder 8.3mg, Senna Obtusifolia Tea Powder 8.3mg, Sasa Veitchii Powder 4.3mg, Sorrel Powder 15.8mg, Sorrel Extract 8.3mg, Aloe Arborescens Powder 19.5mg, Aloe Arborescens Extract 8.3mg, Spore-bearing Lactobacillus 3.6 million pieces., Senna Stem Powder 5mg, Senna Stem Extract Powder 3mg

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