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Takashimaya S.C.
Suzuna Shiba

A luxurious product which supports your beauty from various aspects, combining many beauty ingredients in addition to collagen, such as elastin, which gives you buoyant skin for your daily life, proteoglycan, which is a high-profile moisturizing ingredient, polyamine, which regenerates skin, and mangosteen, for those who can't do without sweets.
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Doing my makeup in front of the mirror is a valuable time of my day when I can relax.
But there are days when I leave my makeup on or forget to apply sunscreen.
This is a perfect drink for someone as lazy as me,
that supports my present and future, and gives me the motivation to work hard the whole day!
We've also received comments from customers saying that they "definitely want to drink it ahead of an important day!",
and good reviews from customers who hadn't been able to find a suitable product until they came across our's.

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Summer Beauty

Nutrients which support your beauty this time of year, when you're troubled by sunlight.

Summer Health

Nutrients which support your health this time of year, when you don't have an appetite.

Men's Problems

For those who like beer, sweets, heavy food, or those who are passionate about work.





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